your local electric bike share

From amfi sogningen to hvL campus and 12 other stations.

Download the app "Lokel bikes" to find a bike near you

season Closing date: 1/11/2020

Prices and subscriptions

Pay as you go

kr 3 per minute.

Access to multiple short trips on a Lokel  bike in Sogndal.

After 60 mins of cycling, price increases to kr 5 per minute.

Day pass

kr 500

Our customers favourite for a "hike and bike" or a tour into Sogndal's valley

Time starts from when purchased.

See our website for a recommended route

kr 290

Perfect for a short tour around Sogndal or a sunset tour after dinner. 

Time starts from when purchased.

See our website for a recommended route

2 hour pass

monthly pass

kr 250

For those who cycle a lot in sogndal.

10 minutes free every trip and kr 2 per minute after. 5kr per minute after 1 hour.

subscription renews automatically

How to use LOKEL BIKES

Download the Lokel Bikes app, create an account and choose a payment model. To unlock a bike, scan the qr code on a charging station. If the bike is parked in a gps area, scan the qr code on the back wheel.

Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to borrow a helmet.

Enjoy your cycle tour and remember to follow local traffic regulations. Electric bikes are a simple and environmentally friendly alternative to car transport. You can pay per minute for short trips, or buy a day pass to experience the area of Sogndal.

To end your rent you must park the bike at a GPS point or in a charging station. The map in the app shows you where you can park your bike. At a charging station, push the front wheel into the station and the rent is ended automatically. At a GPS point, park the bike, lock the back wheel, click the “Hring” button and choose to end the rent.



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