lokel bikes: your local electric bike share


From AMFI sogningen to kjørnes camping and 10 other stations.

Download the app "Lokel bikes" to find a bike close to you.

Prices and subscriptions

Pay as you go

kr 3 per minute.

Access to multiple short trips on a Lokel  bike in Sogndal.

After 60 mins of cycling, price increases to kr 5 per minute.

Day pass

kr 500

Our customers favourite for a "hike and bike" or a tour into Sogndal's valley

Time starts from when purchased.

See our website for a recommended route

kr 290

Perfect for a short tour around Sogndal or a sunset tour after dinner. 

Time starts from when purchased.

See our website for a recommended route

2 hour pass

monthly pass

kr 250

For those who cycle a lot in sogndal.

10 minutes free every trip and kr 2 per minute after. 5kr per minute after 1 hour.

subscription renews automatically


Are you a visitor to the Sognefjord and want to experience this fantastic place like a local? We offer different guided trips by ebike, taking in the spectacular fjords and mountains.

Bike and hike (10% discount)


Starting in Sogndal at the head of the Sognefjord we will cycle 10km and 500m up from the fjord and then take a hike up to 1000m with fantastic views of the surrounding fjords and mountains. 


5 hours

Difficulty: Medium

900 NOK per person

Bike, helmet, guide and locally produced lunch included

Lokel adventures for yourself

Short tour

1.5 Hours

Starting and finishing at AMFI Sogningen charging stations

How to use LOKEL BIKES

Download the Lokel Bikes app, create an account and choose a payment model. To unlock a bike, scan the qr code on a charging station. If the bike is parked in a gps area, scan the qr code on the back wheel.

Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to borrow a helmet.

Enjoy your cycle tour and remember to follow local traffic regulations. Electric bikes are a simple and environmentally friendly alternative to car transport. You can pay per minute for short trips, or buy a day pass to experience the area of Sogndal.

To end your rent you must park the bike at a GPS point or in a charging station. The map in the app shows you where you can park your bike. At a charging station, push the front wheel into the station and the rent is ended automatically. At a GPS point, park the bike, lock the back wheel, click the “Hring” button and choose to end the rent.



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