La Peche Concert // Lokel Launch

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

We believe shared technology works best in strong communities. How do you bring a community together? We think the best way to do this is by having a party!

La Peche!

La Peche are a French Jazz group, first formed in San Fransisco and exported back to France in 2017. They are a joyous collective dedicated to the study and celebration of popular music from the Balkans and beyond. We first met saxophonist, Paul Bertin, in San Fransisco in 2015 and it was after meeting again at a wedding this summer that we managed to pursuade La Peche to come over to Sogndal.

“To have "La Pêche" is French for being in a particularly good mood and great form, a feeling the band immediately brings with its fiery wild energy.”

We believe the challenges society faces from the climate crisis are best faced with both a positive mindset and through the development of strong communities. That is why we have chosen to launch Lokel Bikes with a party alongside La Peche. We want to create a fun, inclusive and exiting atmostphere around the wonders of shared technology.

Lokel Bikes getting charged up and ready for their next adventure

Dampskipskaien 27. September

We invite you to come down to Dampskipskaien on 27.September. Learn a little about Lokel Bikes and party with La Peche, things will kick off at 20.30. Hope to see you there.

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