Terms and Conditions for Lokel Bikes


By purchasing a subscription and registering a valid telephone number with Lokel Bikes you accept the terms and conditions for purchase, use and data privacy that means that you agree to being legally bound to the agreement set out in the following document.


Sogn Elsykkel AS developed and operates Lokel Bikes.






  • A subscription from Lokel Bikes is personal and cannot be transferred or resold. This includes sharing login details for the app.

  • You must ensure that you have relevant and necessary insurance coverage for any damage that can occur during your use of the bike. Sogn Elsykkel AS has no responsibility for damage that you may cause to yourself or others while cycling.

  • You will be held liable for the cost of a replacement electric bike if it is lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair while under your responsibility. After 14 days you will be held liable for the cost of 18 000 NOK.

  • You are responsible for the electric bike from when you start the rental from a station (GPS or charging station) until you have delivered it back to a station and finished the rental. Pay attention and follow traffic rules.

  • Lokel Bikes is developed and operated by Sogn Elsykkel AS and is in collaboration with Sharebike AS and Sogndal Kommune. The service works as described in How Does it Work and you enter into the agreement with Sogn Elsykkel AS which is subject to the following terms and conditions for purchase, use, prices and data privacy.

  • In the event of abuse of the service, Lokel Bikes has the right to permanently block your access to the service. 

  • The system may close in whole or in part at short notice, i.e. due to adverse weather/road conditions or special events.


  1. Purchase.


1.1 You must be 18 years or older to use Lokel Bikes


1.2 A seasonal subscription is personal and cannot be resold or transferred.


1.3 After the bike is unlocked you, you agree that this agreement is fulfilled by both parts so that the rules about withdrawal after remote sales of financial services in not applicable. For more information see Law on Information and Withdrawal after remote sales and sales outside of fixed business premises (Consumer law) (implementing EU Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights) (Chapter 1, Section 2). (Only in Norwegian)


           2. Use


2.1 You are responsible for ensuring that your registered contact information is correct at all times. You must immediately contact us at post@lokelbikes.no if your phone is stolen or entered incorrect information. 


2.2 You are personally responsible for cycling carefully and for complying to current traffic rules. You are personally responsible for any damage you may cause to yourself or others while cycling, you must ensure that you have relevant and necessary insurance coverage for any damage that can occur during your use of the bike. Norwegian law does not oblige the user to wear a cycle helmet but Sogn Elsykkel AS recommends the user to wear one.


2.3 You are personally responsible for the electric bike and should not lend your bike to others. You are responsible for cycling to the limit of the remaining battery charge and the respective battery assisted distance. The electric bikes can be cycled normally back to a station with no electric motor assistance and Sogn Elsykkel AS is not liable for customers cycling beyond the battery range.


2.4 Lokel bikes are regularly checked and maintained to a good condition.  Nevertheless, it may be that an electric bike is defective. You are personally responsible to check the electric bike is in good condition before you rent and use the electric bike. If there is a defect we ask you to contact us through either the App, Contact or email post@lokelbikes.no.


2.5 Once you have purchased a subscription from Lokel Bikes, the rental charge will be correct for the subscription you have chosen. If you choose to rent for longer than the chosen subscription, you will be charged for the overused period according to the price model described on our homepage.


2.6 The electric bikes are designed for road use only and must not be used in the forests or off regular roads where extensive damage can occur. 


2.7 You are responsible for ensuring that the electric bike is securely locked at the end of the trip. If docking at the charging stations please ensure that the station is not damaged before docking, do not force the bike into the station. Ensure that the bike is locked and cannot be moved out of the station before leaving. If docking in a GPS station, please ensure that the electric bike is neatly parked within the designated area and is not obstructing the pavement or access rights or could be easily damaged from passing traffic. You must ensure the bike is securely locked around the back wheel before leaving. Please check the APP to confirm that the bike is locked and secure in the station before leaving.


2.8 If you leave the electric bike in an undesignated area, outside the charging stations or without locking it will be solely your responsibility. If the electric bike is stolen, you are liable in accordance to section 3.5 and must immediately report the theft to post@lokelbikes.no. You secure the electric bike by placing it into the charging station until you hear the pin lock the front wheel. Within a GPS drop off zone you will see the back wheel become locked. You must also collaborate with Sogn Elsykkel AS with filling out a police report if the electric bike is stolen.


2.9 If you do not own a Norwegian mobile phone number, you must leave your credit card information for security reasons. 


           3. Prices


3.1 The price for an individual rental is NOK 3 per minute.  After 60 minutes of rental the price increase to NOK 5 per minute. You will be charged every minute of rental.


3.2 The price for a day pass to the electric bikes shall be NOK 350. Unlimited use of the bike for 24 hours. The time begins as soon as the day pass is purchased. If you have an open rent after 24 hours you will be charged for another day pass. Opening times are subject to change.


3.3 The price of a monthly subscription is NOK 300. This allows the user 15 mins riding credit per day, after 10 minutes, the user is charged NOK 3 per minute for the first 60 minutes. After 60 minutes the user will be charged 5kr per minute. You will be charged NOK 300 every month.

3.4 If the electric bike is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair while you are renting it and not available for other members, you will be held liable. After 14 days you will be charged NOK 18,000. Sogn Elsykkel AS will contact you before charging your credit card. If you do not have a registered credit card you will be sent an invoice.


3.5 During the annual access period, you agree not to cancel the card used as your method of payment without first telling Lokel Bikes and providing an alternative card that the payment can be processed from. 




           4.  Resale


4.1 You are not allowed to resell your subscription or value code to any third-party. Unless you have a written agreement.


           5. Refunds


5.1 Before any refunds of the charges are made, Sogn Elsykkel AS must be able to verify that the original payment for the charge has been received into the bank account. If no evidence, the user must provide evidence of the original payment.


5.2 All refunds will be investigated, but the decision whether to make refunds remains with the discretion of Sogn Elsykkel AS. 





           6. Data Privacy


6.1 When you purchase a Lokel Bikes subscription, Sharebike AS will process personal data about you and Sogn Elsykkel AS has access. 

The storage of data for subscription is subject to the rules of the Personal Information Act. The information is managed by: ShareBike AS (org. No. 996 300 064), Strandveien 33, 1366 Lysaker, Norway - www.sharebike.com




Value code Terms and Conditions


Seller: Sogn Elsykkel AS org.nr 923 107 517 MVA.

The sellers’ main activity is the operation of Lokel Bikes.


Buyer: The one who buys a subscription from Sogn Elsykkel AS


Receiver: The one who redeems the subscription. The receiver must accept the terms of use and agree to our terms and conditions above when redeeming the subscription, including be 18 years of age.


Stations: Are designated areas where the electric bikes can be parked, and the user can start or end rentals from. These can either be physical (“charging stations”) where the bikes are locked and secured by the physical infrastructure or by a virtual station (“GPS stations”) which are marked by a set of GPS coordinates. Both types of stations are marked on both the APP and the website.


Geofence: This represents the border of where the electric bikes can be parked and locked at each GPS stations and the electric bikes cannot be locked outside these individual geofence locations for each GPS location.


Updated: May 5th, 2021